Here I leave a video of the Group Papa Shango, which was recorded at Cóbreces (hostel old Luke), Ucieda and Santander between the months of January and March 2012.

YouTube video URL:

Papa Shango, Cantabrian band formed in 2009, was founded with a single unwavering high, transmit optimism as way of life through his music. Honoring the God of the yoruba culture which gives its name to this project, and that is representative in the popular culture of the joy of living, and the intensity of it, both Jamaican and Latino rhythms like other more urban like Funk live their songs.

Direct full of energy, cared lyrics that address both social critique as existential themes treated from a hopeful view, a solid rhythmic base and a powerful section are qualities that make Papa Shango a proposal with great projection and that, today, already enjoys many supporters in the Cantabrian scene.

His first work, a Single comprised of three tracks and recorded in the studies Drive Division of Santander in 2010, has had a great welcome arriving exhausted in just two months since its release for sale.

"Laugh to the fall", the title of their first LP, already allows us to glimpse the philosophy of the band. Reggae, Funk, Ska, Swing, Bossa… any path is valid to find the searched.